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Created and managed by passionate South American naturalists with more than 30 years of field experience each, and with a fine team of expert local leaders specialized in different wildlife fields, Trogon Tours is your gateway to the most fantastic wildlife travel adventures in the Neotropics. As a wildlife tour operator, Trogon Tours’ goal is to provide highly customized, quality nature travel services in South America. We cater for free independent travellers, international tour operators and tour organizers, tweaking our tour proposals to perfection in order to fulfill their travel expectations.

Trogon Tours’ staff members have a strong background in nature conservation, and our company is committed to preserve and protect South America’s natural habitats and wildlife. Every year we select one or more conservation projects underway in regions that we visit during our tours, and help them raising funds to achieve their goals. Our selection criteria prioritizes those projects working on habitats as a whole, and including local researchers and communities, since we believe that nature is a whole, and no link of such a strong chain of life should be left our of any conservation effort.

Trogon tours is based in Argentina, with two operational offices: one in Puerto Iguazú, right next to the spectacular Iguazú Falls and national park, nestled in one of the last pristine patches of southern South American rainforest which is home to more than 400 species of birds, and the other in Puerto Madryn, gateway to the Valdés Peninsula, a marine bird and mammal paradise on the Atlantic coast of Patagonia, home of the biggest nesting colony of Magellanic Penguins on earth, and also a breeding hotspot for several species of marine mammals.

Are you ready to start discovering the natural wonders of South America with Trogon Tours? If so, please start by hovering over the backpacker icon on the left sidebar of this page, and choose to search for suggested tours by interest or by destination. Remember that these are not the only tours that we offer, and that we are happy to build customized itineraries around your wishes, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if the kind of nature tour that you are looking for is not listed here.

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Trogon Tours: professionals with experience, first hand knowledge and passion to make the most of your nature travel adventure. We specialize in making tours to perfectly suit your wishes; not in making you fit into a tour!


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