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Ultimate open booking wildlife travel adventures. Designed and led by our team of local naturalists

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Welcome to Trogon Tours

Trogon Tours is a highly specialized receptive nature tour operator catering for free independent travellers, international tour operators or organizers. Our goal is to provide highly customized nature travel services in South America. We are the official nature travel company of Birding Argentina, the leading birding and nature specialists for southern South America since 2001.

Throughout these pages you will find a wide variety of suggested journeys created for your enjoyment. Please remember that these itineraries are sample ones, and they can be customized according to your personal preferences.

Start discovering our tour offerings by scrolling down the ‘Find a tour by’ menu located on the left sidebar of this page and choosing a tour category. This will open a range of possibilities to travel privately, joining open booking or company organized tours.

We know that in a world of many choices, modern travellers can now select from a wide variety of tour options. If you are a free independent traveller, Trogon Tours will be pleased to design and operate the perfect travel adventure for you to enjoy the natural wonders of South America. On the other hand, if you prefer travelling with tour companies based in your own country, please check Group Travel -on the right sidebar of this site- to select the most suitable one for your travel needs in South America.

Trogon Tours: professionals with experience, first hand knowledge and passion to make the most of your nature travel adventure. We specialize in making tours to perfectly suit your wishes; not in making you fit into a tour!

Enjoy your visit and please do not hesitate to contact us.

Trogon Tours’ Special Journeys

Join us on any of these ultimate fixed departure wildlife journeys in South America!

Especially designed by Trogon Tours’ naturalists for wildlife enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable travel experience led by local specialists.