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Trogon Tours started as the official tour company of Birding Argentina, the leading birding specialists for bird watching tours in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile since 2001. Trogon Tours, through its bird watching division Birding Argentina, runs birding tours in South America for independent birders, and for a number of British, American and other English speaking birding tour companies, to unique birding destinations, like the Argentine Pampas, mighty Patagonia, the Brazilian Pantanal, Bolivian Andes and many others.

But birding is not Trogon Tours’ only area of expertise. Mammal expeditions to look for iconic South American mammals, like Jaguars in the Pantanal, Pumas in Torres del Paine, Orcas at the Valdés Peninsula and Blue Whales in Chiloé Island are some of the many available options for mammal enthusiasts.

Flora expeditions are yet another passion for Trogon Tours’ nature specialists. Our Cacti Tours in North Western Argentina and Northern Chile allow our clients to enjoy watching and photographing roughly 100 species of blooming South American cacti species in their natural habitat. Many of our cacti tours also take place in other South American destinations, like Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay to name but a few. Other South American flora expeditions to see and photograph different Neotropical floral habitats, like the High Andes of South America, the Patagonian Steppe, the Yungas Cloudforest, or the Atlantic Rainforest among others are also included in our tour bouquet, and we are constantly incorporating new flora tours in South America for your enjoyment.

Entomological expeditions are a growing passion in these days, and with one of our offices based in Puerto Iguazú, home to more than 500 species of spectacular butterflies, Trogon Tours is surely one of the best available options for butterfly tours in South America.

With the popularization of digital photography, nature photography tours have become a passion for wildlife enthusiasts. Trogon Tours’ nature photography tours in South America have been passionately designed based on Trogon Tours’ staff field experience and thorough knowledge of the different Neotropical habitats. Our nature photography expeditions in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile offer unique opportunities to access remote areas of South America, to photograph such fantastic wildlife like Orcas hunting sea lions at the Valdes Peninsula, Jaguars and Hyacinth Macaws in the Brazilian Pantanal, blooming orchids in the Bolivian Yungas, King Penguins in Tierra del Fuego and many others.

We know that in a world of many choices, modern travellers can now select from a wide variety of tour options. If you are a free independent traveller, Trogon Tours will be pleased to design and operate the perfect travel adventure for you to enjoy the natural wonders of South America. On the other hand, if you prefer travelling with tour companies based in your own country, please contact us for advise on suitable travel options for your South America adventure.

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