Local Guides

Marcelo de Cruz
Nature tour leader for Tierra del Fuego

Marcelo started his career as a naturalist and bird watcher in 1989. He has a degree in tourism and as a naturalist he is highly specialized in the island of Tierra del Fuego. After completing his studies of tourism in Buenos Aires, he moved to Ushuaia in 1991. Ever since he has been exploring every single corner of Tierra del Fuego, searching for birds and learning more about the local flora and fauna. Marcelo developed a special ability to find every bird in his area, including the rarest species. He is also familiar with virtually all the flora and fauna of the Magellanic forests, steppes, high Andes and sea shores of Tierra del Fuego. Marcelo is our main local leader for Tierra del Fuego. He lives in Ushuaia with his wife Paula and his daughter María Catalina.

Carlos Fernández Balboa
Nature and Cultural tour leader for Buenos Aires

Carlos has a degree in museology which he obtained at the “Universidad del Museo Social” and a Master degree in Environmental Education from the “Instituto de Investigaciones Ecológicas” in Málaga, Spain. He has worked as a naturalist guide since 1987, specializing in the area of the Pampas. Carlos also teaches museology and tourism in different institutions and works at the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (Argentine Wildlife Foundation), were he manages their Environmental Education Service. In 2003 he was awarded by the Argentine National Parks Administration for his work on conservation of the natural and cultural patrimony of this country. Carlos has published over 300 papers on museology and nature conservation in a diversity of Argentine newspapers and magazines and he has already written and published 18 books, among which is worth mentioning “Amphibians of Argentina, an Identification Guide” and “100 Argentine Mammals”. Carlos leads Trogon Tours’ “Nature and Culture” tours in Buenos Aires.

Lorena Pérez
City tour guide for Buenos Aires

Lorena is a professional tour guide and she also has a degree in tourism. Thanks to her strong interest in the history and culture of Buenos Aires, she specialized greatly in this city, which she proudly shows to all of Trogon Tours’ clients. She specializes in showing not just the cultural aspects and traditional places of the city, but also its natural areas and parks. A visit to a place like the Rose Gardens of Buenos Aires with Lorena is a very rewarding experience, since she puts a strong emphasis in both, the cultural and the natural aspect of this and every other corner of her city. She also volunteers in a number of conservation projects, and she has written several articles for a magazine edited by the Argentine Wildlife Foundation. Lorena speaks fluent Portuguese and English, and she is looking forward to meet you all in her beloved Buenos Aires.

Andrés Roberts
Cultural tour leader for the Province of Chubut

Andrés is a born and raised in Patagonian, from the City of Trelew. He has a degree in agronomy from the “Universidad del Sur” and has worked as a technician for a number of years in Andean Patagonia and the Lower Valley of the Chubut River. Andrés has a strong interest in Patagonian history, geography and anthropology, so with the time he started a new career as a provincial tour guide for Chubut. It did not take him long to became one of the main specialists in Welsh and Native American history tours in the Province of Chubut. Andrés speaks English, French and Italian, and for the last few years he has also been leading history and cultural tours his native Argentina and other countries, including Chile and Bolivia. Andrés is a member of several Welsh cultural societies in Patagonia, and he participates every year in the organization of the “Eisteddfod” in Puerto Madryn. He also coordinates different cultural activities with members of local Native American groups. Perhaps the most important festival he helps organizing is the one that takes place every July to commemorate the arrival of the first group of Welsh settlers to Chubut. Andrés lives in his native Valley of the Chubut River, where he owns a farm called “Ty Mawr.” Andrés leads Trogon Tours’ Welsh Heritage tours, which are part of our Nature & Culture series.