Cacti of Northwestern Argentina

Exploring nature and culture in the land of the Incas

15 Days – 14 Nights
Starts in Buenos Aires – Ends in Buenos Aires

Tour runs on request – Prices based on group size.
Northwestern Argentina is a land full of spectacular landscapes and with a vast cultural heritage. These lands were part of the the south quarter of the mythical Inca Empire -the so called Qollasuyu. The local native people call themselves Qollas. They are very proud of their heritage, and still preserve many of their traditions, their language and culture. The Andes in this part of Argentina are very dry, but they are crossed by a series of humid valleys, with Humahuaca standing out for its unique setting. Nestled amidst spectacular rock formations of the most incredible and diverse colors, this is the heart of one of the richest cacti flora on Earth.

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