The Argentine Pampas

Two great tours to enjoy wildlife in and around Buenos Aires

Southern Pampas with Punta Rasa 3 Days – 2 Nights
Northern Pampas with Otamendi and Ceibas 3 Days – 2 Nights
Both tours start and end in Buenos Aires

Tour runs on request – Prices based on group size.
The Pampa is an extensive humid plain shared by Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. In Argentina, the Pampa Grassland covers an area of more than 50 million hectares in the central part of the country. This unique habitat is well represented in the Province of Buenos Aires, where birders and naturalists can enjoy nature in a diversity of wildlife reserves spread throughout its territory. There is no need to go too far from Buenos Aires City to see some of these reserves, and actually Costanera Sur, one of the most well known birding spots in South America, is located right in front of the business district of this city.

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