Francesca and David Gardner

On their 2010 private nature photo adventure in Southern Brazil.

…”We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Canastra, Das Emas, and the Pantanal and thoroughly enjoyed each place. The guides and drivers were superb, and we enjoyed their company. They were very knowledgeable, caring, and patient with us. The trip exceeded our expectations. We saw animals we never thought we would encounter. We got within ten feet of an anteater, photographed a tapir at night, and even met up with about fifty white-lipped peccary crossing the road.

Regina and the park guide, Tony, found the beautiful and strange giant anteater, which allowed us to come very close and take amazing photos of him. They were very helpful in spotting some impressive birds and showing us the physical beauty of Canastra. We loved the park very much. Lucas has a very keen eye and after much searching, located two jaguars for us. It was an exciting moment. We even saw more river otters than we ever expected. Lucas brought us to a hyacinth macaw nest so we got very close shots of the birds…

…It was a unique trip because both Regina and Lucas made us feel at home and comfortable with them, providing us with a very special adventure in Brazil. They are genuinely lovely people. We highly recommend Trogon Tours”…

Warmest regards and many grateful thanks for a well-planned adventure.

Francesca and David Gardner
New York, NY – USA

Francesca and David Gardner
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