Office Team

Patricia López
Tour operations Manager

Patricia joined Trogon Tours in 2008. She is born and raised in Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, where our main office is located. She has been in the tour business for almost 20 years, specializing in administration management and tour operations. She has worked in several tour companies in Puerto Iguazú, developing unique administration skills, making it possible for her to make our tour operations run smooth and nicely. She originally joined our company to work at the reservations department and in general administration, but it did not take long for her to make it all the way through to tour operations manager. Before working with us, Patricia worked at the reservations department of the Sheraton Iguazú Resort & Spa, a hotel located inside Iguazú National Park. Patricia lives in Iguazú with her children.

Axel Bos
Photographer, naturalist and park ranger

Axel spent his childhood in the Province of Santa Cruz, on the Argentine side of Patagonia. He lived in Calafate, at the foot of the Andean hills right next to the Moreno Glacier, and also in Río Gallegos, on the shores of the South Atlantic Ocean. It was here where he developed his love for wildlife, and realized that nature was going to be his passion for the rest of his life. At a very early stage of his life, he became a wildlife photographer and naturalist, specializing on Patagonian natural history. He carried on several surveys of the Patagonian shoreline and Andean region, working for different Argentine NGOs dedicated to wildlife conservation. In the late ’80s, his passion for nature led him to the Province of Chubut, where he worked as a park ranger in the area of Punta Tombo and the Valdes Peninsula, sharing his life with the Southern Right Whales, Magellanic Penguins, Elephant Seals and Sea Lions. He retired in the early ’90s, but 10 years after he was eager to return to his beloved Valdes Peninsula, so he went back to work for another year in this outstanding wilderness. In 1992, Axel helped founding the Austral Ornithological Society, the first bird society ever founded in Patagonia. At the present, he is vice president of this NGO. In 1999 Axel published his first book on Patagonia, called “Patagonia: The Last Wilderness”, in which wildlife and natural areas of this region are described in detail, being responsible for the texts and many of the photographs that the book contains. Axel gets involved in another publishing project on Patagonia in 2002, participating as wildlife consultant, co-author and photographer for the book “Patagonia Land of Giants”. Axel is in charge of editing all photographic material for the promotional department of Trogon Tours.

Victor Fratto
Visual communications specialist and naturalist

Victor is a nature interpreter and professional tour guide. He is also a teacher in the School of Tourism of the Patagonian Institute for Enterprise Development, where he teaches since 2003. As a naturalist, Victor worked for the National Parks Administration of Argentina between 1989 and 1997, specializing in protected areas management and ecotourism. In 1997 he moved to Puerto Madryn, where he worked at the Direction of Protected Areas of Chubut until 2000. That same year he obtained his provincial tour guide license, and started to work as a naturalist guide, a job he still does until the present. Victor is a specialist in visual communications, and he designs interpretive trails, visitor centers, and brochures for several protected areas and institutions. Victor lives in Puerto Madryn with his wife and children, and he guides some of our natural history tours in the Valdes Peninsula area. He is also the editor of our brochure.

Melvyn Gattinoni
Sales representative for continental Europe

Melvyn currently lives in South-western France and is Trogon Tours Representative in Europe. He has a strange mixture of nationalities: Uruguayan by birth, Argentine by his parents, British and Italian by is grandparents and French by marriage! Originally an advertiser, he then moved on to become a fundraiser. A committed conservationist, he did considerable volunteer work for the Argentine Wildlife foundation and later became the Organisation’s first formal fundraiser. As a matter of fact, he pioneered the profession in Argentina. A few years later, with a small team, he opened Greenpeace’s office in Buenos Aires. This was the Organisation’s first office in a developing country. He later worked for UNICEF and JUCONI (a Mexican CSO working for the reintegration of street children to mainstream society). But the environment in general and wildlife in particular have always remained his key interests.