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“Traveling the Neotropics to look for reptiles and amphibians is one of the most amazing nature experiences out there. These vertebrates are normally hard to find in nature, mainly due to their small size but also because of their life habits, with many species being primarily nocturnal and highly secretive.”

As challenging as it might appear, watching and photographing ‘herps’ has become one of naturalists’ preferred wildlife activities. Traveling the world to search for these creatures provides endless opportunities to discover fantastic destinations and other wildlife as well.

Being cold blooded, reptiles and amphibians do rely on an external heat source to thrive. Besides, amphibians also tend to favor humid habitats overall. Given their climate conditions, the tropics –those areas of the planet sitting between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer– are the most suitable for these animals to prosper, so nearly 80% of the total known species can be found here and the Neotropics are no exception to this rule.

But the southernmost part of the American Continent is also home to a wide variety of endemic herp species, with many of them restricted to very small patches of land in remote areas of Patagonia – a challenging but very rewarding area to explore for those willing to see and photograph unique species.

Join Trogon Tours’ expert tour leaders on any our herps expeditions and discover the most incredible array of Neotropical and Patagonian reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitats!

Please bear in mind that Trogon Tours runs herp tours in every country in the Neotropics and that we highly specialize in customizing itineraries to fully suit your travel wishes, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

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