Lepi & Invertebrates Tours

“Invertebrates constitute the group of animals with the highest number of species in the planet. Arthropods and rare and diverse in the Neotropics, and where there’s diversity, there are naturalists willing to enjoy seeing it first-hand!”

Watching and photographing arthropods is always enticing for avid naturalists. Traditionally, butterflies have been a great focus of attraction for insect watching enthusiasts. Some of the largest and most colorful butterflies on Earth live in the Neotropics. Their intricate and striking color pattering and distinctive shapes make them stand out of most other groups of invertebrates. Places like Iguazú National Park in northern Argentina, are home to more than 600 species of this airborne jewels!

But there’s more than butterflies in the Neotropics! From dragonflies to giant ants to spiders of all kinds and countless other groups, the jungles, forests, grasslands and deserts of the Neotropical region offer endless opportunities for entomology enthusiasts to explore and discover Latin America’s unique invertebrate fauna.

Trogon Tours’ expert tour leaders look forward to sharing their knowledge on Neotropical invertebrates with you, while discovering Latin America’s unique biodiversity on any our entomological expeditions!

Here’s a list of suggested tours, suitable for naturalists keen on entomology, but please bear in mind that Trogon Tours runs Lepi-specific and other entomological tours in every country in the Neotropics and that we highly specialize in customizing itineraries to fully suit your travel wishes, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

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