Covering a land area of 109,000 km² (42,085 sq. mi.), Guatemala stands within the 25 most biodiverse countries on Earth. There’s a vast network of national parks and nature reserves throughout the country, created to protect its unique wildlife, but also to preserve Guatemala’s Mayan archaeological and artistic patrimony.

Guatemala is a country embedded in the heart of Central America, bordered to the east by the Gulf of Honduras –in the Caribbean Sea– and to the west by the North Pacific Ocean. Guatemala boasts a remarkable variety of habitats and climate. Throughout time, Guatemala’s unique geographical setting has helped positioning the country as the main economic and cultural exchange zone in Central America – a natural link between all countries in the area, which also stands out for its extraordinary cultural heritage of Mayan origin.

Guatemala’s national parks and nature reserves are more than wildlife sanctuaries, since many of them preserve the country’s Mayan archaeological and artistic patrimony as well, with Tikal standing out of all the rest. Nestled in the heart of the Mayan Biosphere’s Reserve, Tikal National Park is a World Cultural Heritage Site, hosting more than 3,000 Mayan structures within an area of 576 km² (222 sq. mi.), including temples, palaces and causeways. This is also one of Guatemala’s top birding spots, worth visiting for naturalists and cultural travelers looking for an unforgettable tour experience.

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