Birding Tours

“The Neotropics are a magnet for birders the world over. Bird watchers visit South and Central America to try and see avian rarities and spectacular birds not possibly found anywhere else. The Neotropical region holds 36% of all known land-bird species on Earth and 45% of the world’s bird genera.”

Our birding tours are specially designed for those who enjoy general bird watching, wanting to explore different habitats, from tropical rainforests to mighty Andes and remote Patagonian seashores. But we also specialize in organizing birding expeditions to target the most secretive species, catering for high core birders hoping to add new, rare birds to their species life list.

All of our tours are customized to suit our clients’ wishes and they run on a private basis, allowing great flexibility for making the most of your journey to Latin America and Antarctica.

Here’s a list of suggested birding tours to help you planning for your Neotropical or Antarctic travel adventure, but please bear in mind that Trogon Tours runs tours in every country in the Neotropics and Antarctica, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

Travel Advice

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