Bolivia’s wide altitudinal amplitude, ranging from 90 to 6,542 metres (295 to 21,463 ft.) above sea level, allow for a vast biologic diversity. There are 4 different biomes, 32 ecological regions, and 199 ecosystems many of them preserved within the boundaries of several national parks and reserves, such as Noel Kempff Mercado, Madidi, Gran Chaco and Tunari National Parks to name but a few.

Bolivia comprises 1,098,580 km² (424,164 sq mi) of territory, of which 14,190 km² (5,479 sq mi) is water and is the 28th largest country in the world. It borders five nations with a total of 6,743 km (4,187 mi) of borders; of these, the longest is the 3,400 km (2,111 mi) northeastern border with Brazil.

Bolivia also neighbors Peru, with a 900 km (560 mi) border to the northwest and shared control of Lake Titicaca.

Smaller borders include Chile to the southwest, (861 km or 535 mi); Argentina on the south, (832 km or 517 mi) and Paraguay on the southeast, (750 km or 466 mi).

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