Short Tours

“Spending just a few days in any given area of the Neotropics can be both rewarding and relaxing. Dozens of nature reserves and national parks await for birders naturalists and photographers to enjoy their unique flora and fauna.”

Wildlife in the Neotropics is protected within a myriad of small reserves and vast national parks, many really close to Latin America’s big cities. Having a few days off in any given city of Central or South America would give you chances to see and photograph a wide variety of birds, plantas and animals.

Our short tours are specially designed for those who travel to the neotropics for business, have very little time off and hope to make the most of their free time in Latin America.

All of our tours are customized to suit our clients’ wishes and they run on a private basis, allowing great flexibility for making the most of your free time in Latin America.

Here’s a list of suggested short tours to help you planning for your Neotropical travel adventure.

Travel Advice

Please send us an e-mail to request for specific travel advise for this destination.